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From: Free Software Foundation <info a fsf.org>
To: Andrea Brugiolo <nick a linux.it>
Subject: Hardware we certified in 2015 to Respect Your Freedom

Dear Andrea Brugiolo,

The world of computer hardware products is in many respects a dark and
dismal place when it comes to computer user freedom: graphics
processors, network controllers, and even the low-level boot systems
of most computers use proprietary software. However, we know that this
situation is not due to a lack of demand from users for hardware that
respects them. People want this, but in the absence of options, have
just resigned themselves to accepting mistreatment.

![RYF certification mark spotlight](https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/ryf/ryf-spotlight-600x150.jpg)

To prove naysayers wrong and to motivate production of real options
for users, we created the [Respects Your Freedom][1] (RYF) hardware
certification program. This certification is a guiding light companies
can follow in order to demonstrate their commitment to respect your
freedom, your privacy, and your right to control your devices.

[1]: https://www.fsf.org/ryf

When a company believes they have achieved our
[RYF certification criteria][2], they send us samples of the product
for testing. If it passes muster, we enter into a contract with them
that documents their commitment and allows them use of the
certification mark for that product. We heavily promote all certified
products and maintain a listing at [www.fsf.org/ryf][1].

![RYF certification mark](https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/ryf/RYF.png)

[1]: https://www.fsf.org/ryf
[2]: https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/endorsement/criteria

A person shouldn't need to fully understand all of the matters of
liberty and privacy wrapped up in today's technology — they shouldn't
need to have the expertise and knowledge needed to evaluate licenses,
or to make sense of the many legal and technological restrictions that
can encumber their hardware, threaten their privacy, or deny them
control over their device and data. Instead, if a person trusts the
Free Software Foundation (FSF) and trusts our commitments to doing
this work well, they can seek out products bearing the RYF mark and
know that this research has been done for them.

In our short-term vision, every product category should have certified
options readily available both in stores and online. By informing the
public, inspiring sellers, and building demand for such devices, we'll
get to our long-term vision, which is to have *all* devices sold
respect your freedom.

The RYF certification program is one of the most important parts of
the FSF's work — and one of the most promising and successful parts.
Since announcing our first RYF-certified product in October 2012 (the
LulzBot AO-100 3D printer), we have certified a total of eighteen
different hardware devices sold by five different companies. In 2015
alone we awarded RYF certification to six new devices:

* 3 laptops: Libreboot X200 and T400 from Minifree, and the Taurinus
  X200 from Libiquity.
* 2 3D-printers: The LulzBot TAZ 5 and the LulzBot Mini by Aleph
* 1 wireless router: The Free Software Wireless-N Mini Router
  (TPE-R1100) sold by ThinkPenguin.

The effects of the certification program go well beyond just the
number of products certified. In several instances, certification has
been an important factor in the creation of new small businesses: Some
of those companies have achieved RYF certification on their products,
while others are still working toward this goal. Other companies have
told us that RYF certification is an integral part of their marketing
strategy and part of the core philosophy and mission of the company.

Most certified hardware sellers have not only met our certification
criteria, but have gone above and beyond, such as by committing a
portion of their sales toward funding the development of free software
programs or by releasing the complete hardware design documents for
their devices under free licenses.

In 2016 and beyond, we hope to not only sustain our RYF certification
program, but to grow it. 

Guiding hardware sellers all the way to achieving RYF certification on
a product can be a very time-intensive process for our staff,
including helping prospective sellers through the initial research and
development stages, and going through cycles of reviews and fixes with
sellers who have submitted hardware for testing. Your membership dues
make this important work possible. Thank you!

**Can you help us do even more of it by encouraging your friends and
family to [donate to the FSF][3]?**
[3]: https://my.fsf.org/donate/?pk_campaign=2015-appeal&pk_kwd=ryf

Other ways you can help are to: 

* Shine a light on [RYF certified products][1] by sharing them with
  your friends and on social media by using the hashtag #ryf.
* Steer hardware sellers toward our [certification criteria][2].

Happy hacking,

Joshua Gay  
Licensing & Compliance Manager

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